Town Lake SUP

Town Lake in downtown Austin Texas has been renamed Lady Bird Lake as of Summer 2009.

To many in Austin, "Lady Bird Lake" will always be, "Town Lake". But the official name has changed to "Lady Bird lake."

Stand Up Paddle Town Lake. Paddleboards, Paddle boards, SUP boards, stand up surfboards. They're called lots of different things. But whatever you call them, you get the best deal when you purchase a SUP ATX stand up paddle board from the #1 stand up paddle board maker in the world, located in Austin, Texas!

Town Lake is now Lady Bird Lake

Whether you still like to call it, "Town Lake", or prefer the new, "Lady Bird Lake", either way, the lake is an ideal setting for stand up paddling (SUP) located right in the center of downtown Austin, TX. SUP Austin! Stand Up Paddle Austin SUP Austin

RunTex on Lady Bird Lake, formerly Town Lake.

Stand up paddle memberships are now available through RunTex locations on Lake Austin Blvd and Riverside Drive. Both have easy access to Lady Bird Lake. For a flat fee, Run Paddle Run pioneer memberships include unlimited access to stand up paddle boards through the Summer of 2010. Members also get to select any pair of running shoes of their choice from RunTex stores and get a $100 discount off the purchase of a SUP ATX stand up paddle board at any time during the term of the Run Paddle Run membership. Run to a RunTex store, grab a stand up paddleboard, paddle on Lady Bird Lake (formerly known as Town Lake), return the board to RunTex, then run home! Its the Run Paddle Run membership fitness program now available in a partnership between RunTex and SUP ATX, the #1 stand up paddle board maker in the world, located in Austin, Texas. Its the latest greatest fitness craze to hit Austin, sure to get you in the best physical shape of your life, while having a great time. Some call it, "Exercise in Disguise". Click below for more Info on Run Paddle Run...